Tier 4 Legionella Risk

The implementation of Tier 4 restrictions across London and the South East before Christmas had a huge effect on public safety in relation to an increased risk of legionella bacteria in water systems.

The UK witnessed an additional six million people across Sussex, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, with the exception of the New Forest, and the parts of Essex and Surrey not already in the toughest restrictions on Boxing Day.

Tier Four Numbers

There are currently 24 million people, or 43% of England’s population living in the toughest tier four restrictions. A further 24.8 million are in tier three.

Business Closures

The number of businesses which are closed in tier 3 and 4 areas is staggeringly high. The repercussions of property closure is an increased risk of Legionella bacteria in the water systems.

Tier 4 Business Restrictions

Business owners and property managers operating within a Tier 4 restricted area must be aware of the new HSE guidance in relation to water safety.

New Guidance

If your business is located in a Tier 4 area you are now required to confirm if you are able to stay fully operational or open under the guidance issued.

HSE has advised that;

“If your building was closed or has reduced occupancy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, water system stagnation can occur due to lack of use, increasing the risks of Legionnaires’ disease”.

“You should review your risk assessment and and manage the legionella risks when you:

  1. Reinstate a water system or start using it again
  2. Restart some types of air conditioning units
  3. If the water system is still used regularly, maintain the appropriate measures to prevent legionella growth.

Read the full article from HSE here.

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