TMV Servicing


Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Servicing

TMV or Thermostatic Mixer Valve is a device that is designed to control water temperature for showers, baths and outlets. These devices require servicing on a regular bases in order for them to function correctly.

To comply with Legionella prevention guidance; water must be stored at no less than 60 degrees and distributed at no less than 50 degrees, however where the risk of scalding has been identified . TMV’s are fitted to regulate the temperature at the outlets.

Our services meet the requirements of the HSE and NHS Estates, we dedicate ourselves to providing cost effective solutions in order to reduce the cost of compliance with TMV regulations

It is a requirement that all TMV’s are checked twice or once a yearly depending on your organisation to ensure they are still achieving the desired temperature. If temperature control fluctuates more than 2 degrees from the original setting then a full service will be required. The valves can easily become scaled or blocked which needs to be rectified to ensure they work properly.

All of our qualified engineers are trained to the “best practises” of each thermostatic mixer valve which saves time and money for you.
Water Hygiene Services Ltd have the expertise to check TMV’s and carry out replacement or servicing when required.

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    Very happy with their very high standard of work Water Hygiene Services have been carrying out legionella risk assessments for us for a couple of years now. We have been very happy with their very high standard of work, their ability to work to tight deadlines and the general professional service they provide

    Richard Waudby
    Engineering Surveyor, NPS Humber Ltd