Legionella Regulations and Responsibilities

Understand the risks of Legionella

Buildings with public water consumption must have safe and clean water. By conducting regular legionella control work you will ensure the water system you look after is safe. You must also stay up to date with the latest legionella regulations issued by the HSE. To keep potable and non-potable water supply systems safe at all times, you must schedule regular legionella risk assessments and subsequent legionella control remedial works.

Managing legionella in water systems

Legionella bacteria can form in man-made water systems and some systems such as cooling towers allow bacteria to multiply easily. However, this can be properly managed with a legionella risk assessment plan and a well-developed legionella scheme of control.

Legionella Regulations

As the duty holder you must assess the risk in the water systems. This is a requirement of the Health & Safety Executive in their Approved Code of Practice called ACOP L8.

How can water supply systems become contaminated with Legionella?

Legionella contamination can occur when water supply systems are improperly maintained, leading to an environment that feeds Legionella growth.

How to stop legionella bacteria growth

The Health and safety Executive (HSE) states that “stagnant water favours Legionella growth. To reduce the risk you should remove dead legs/dead ends in pipe-work, flush out infrequently used outlets (including showerheads and taps) at least weekly and clean and de-scale shower heads and hoses at least quarterly. Cold-water storage tanks should be cleaned periodically and water should be drained from hot water cylinders to check for debris or signs of corrosion”.

At Water Hygiene Services we can guide you in a safe and compliant Legionella control programme which includes all of the above measures and more outlined by the HSE.

Legionella prevention

It is favourable to look at Legionella control as routine essential maintenance, rather than something that happens reactively. Keep your water systems safe and you should confidently not have to deal with legionella in your water systems.

Legionella remedial works quote

Please contact us today to discuss your job or to receive a no obligation quote. Our team are highly experienced, in-house engineers who can work with you to ensure the water system you look after is safe and compliant.

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