Legionella Water Sampling and Testing Services

Water Hygiene Services Legionella Water Sampling and Testing Services

Water Hygiene Services offer a range of Legionella Remedial Works including Water Sampling and Testing Services.

The water sampling process involves two fundamental stages;

  1. Collecting an accurate water sample
  2. Producing a high-quality analysis of the water sample

Water Hygiene Services conduct Legionella water sampling and testing services in compliance with both British Standards and Guidance and European and UK legislation. Our team of expert Engineers are trained to conduct water sampling according to UKAS standards. By working in this accurate and legal way we minimise the risk of the water samples being altered before undergoing testing.

Legionella Sampling and Legionella Testing – A Breakdown:

Legionella Testing

Legionella testing is the action of microbial examination of a water sample which has been collected. This is the physical process the laboratory takes in identifying the presence or absence of Legionella in the sample obtained.

Legionella Sampling

Legionella sampling is the action of water sample collection. Legionella sampling refers to the way in which the sample is taken or collected and the strategy used for the sampling process and program.

The Legionella testing and sampling procedures are two different stages in the Legionella monitoring. There are separate British Standards and guidance for each.

Independent Legionella Testing Specialist

Water Hygiene Services works with a range of clients across a wide variety of water systems. Our Legionella Consultants are highly experienced in Legionella sampling, Legionella testing and Legionella analysis.

We cover all types of water system from cooling towers to standard domestic hot and cold water services for purposes such as compliance and investigative purposes. We often find it is the systems you suspect would be very unlikely to be contaminated with Legionella to be, in fact tested positive for legionella bacteria.

Experience and Expertise

As a Facilities manager, manager or the person in charge of water safety it is your due care and diligence to implement a basic independent sampling program. This is to assess the effectiveness of the legionella control scheme.

This does not mean you need to test every outlet, however, it is imperative that you test a selection of strategic outlets as a precautionary measure. We recommend testing every six months.

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