New Team Members

Water Hygiene Services is delighted to welcome three new employees to the ever growing team.

Welcome to Charlie Rhodes

Charlie Rhodes is a Water Hygiene Engineer who is working on the Planned Preventative Maintenance side of the Water Hygiene Services.

Charlie’s previous role was working for a drainage company. Water Hygiene Services will train Charlie in all aspects of plumbing for his new role.

Charlie tells us that he is “enjoying working with the different engineers and meeting new clients”. Charlie also enjoys the travelling aspect of his role, seeing different places he might not have visited in the past. He is thoroughly enjoying all elemnts of the job so far.

Welcome to Gary Siddall

Gary Siddall has joined Water Hygiene Services as a Water Hygiene Engineer. Like Charlie, Gary will also be working across the Planned Preventative Maintenance side of Water Hygiene Services.

Gary previously worked for a variety of other plumbing companies. He has also worked on a self-employed basis.

Gary tells us that he has “really enjoyed getting to know the various engineers and working on different sites”.

Welcome Tony Leadon

Tony Leadon is Water Hygiene Services’ new Administrative Assistant.

Tony will be working alongside Holly and Emma helping in the Water Hygiene Services office. The main part of Tony’s job will be setting up clients on the Aqua Adept site. He will also be help produce quotes in a timely fashion.

Tony previously worked for Water Hygiene Services whilst on holiday from University. Tony travelled with the engineers and also worked in the office during busy periods.

We asked Tony what he is enjoying most about his new role and he said “the new challenge and getting to know more about Water Hygiene Services’.

If you are interested in joining the water Hygiene Services’ team please contact us today to find out about our current vacancies.

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