Traces of legionella were detected in showers and a tea point in Parliament

Legionella Detected

Some showers within the Parliament buildings and a tea point area have been closed following the discovery of legionella bacteria, the House of Commons authorities have said.

When legionella bacteria is detected it is often a customary procedure to close the building as a safe measure to protect the public. The Metro reported that they have been shut as a ‘precautionary measure’ after ‘low levels of the bacteria were discovered during routine monitoring by maintenance staff.

Disinfection of Water Systems

The Metro went on to say

“Some ‘isolated areas’ of the building are affected and disinfection of the water system in those parts of the building has been carried out, according to a spokesperson.

Other water sources in the building remain safe to use.”

What is Legionella Bacteria?

Legionella bacteria is naturally present in water systems and it can cause legionnaires’ disease, which is fatal in 10% of cases. This is why it is important to conduct regular monitoring to ensure the water systems are safe for public use.

Legionella causes serious illnesses in people over the age of 50, those with underlying health conditions, and smokers.

The House of Commons spokesperson said: ‘As part of our routine proactive monitoring, our maintenance team has identified low levels of legionella bacteria in some isolated areas in Portcullis House.