Water Hygiene Services Named One of The Fastest Growing Legionella Control Companies

Fastest Growing Legionella Control Company

Water Hygiene Services has been named as one of the fastest-growing legionella control companies in the UK. The new report from Plimsoll Publishing was released in November 2019.

Managing Director Ben Baldwin’s Views on this Accolade

UK's fastest growing Legionella Control companies Managing Director Ben Baldwin had this to say:

“We are delighted to receive this analysis report from Plimsoll. The market conditions in the water treatment industry for the last couple of years have been challenging, especially for SME’s of our size.

Labour costs have been rising much faster than anticipated, alongside a labour shortage since we came out of the recession. This has without a doubt hit margin and profitability, which is evident and backed up within this report. Water Hygiene Services has had to adjust cost-base to reflect the changing market conditions”.

Ben continues:

“Business is facing uncertain times ahead, especially in the next few months. We have a fast-approaching general election so a lot of unknowns for SME’s. I think keeping a simple approach and going back to basics is important. Avoid excessive exposure where you can, and make sure your business is “sustainable” and “profitable” first and foremost. Do not focus entirely on turnover. Ensure the business is secure to do this, make sure the margin is there in the first place! I never take anything for granted and I hope Water Hygiene Services Ltd can stay on this path going forward and we will adjust where we need to along the way if necessary.

Read more about Water Hygiene Services and the team here.

The Plimsoll Analysis 

The Plimsoll Analysis individually assesses the 282 largest companies in the UK Legionella Control industry using the proven and easy to read Plimsoll Model. Their proven model highlights the latest performance of each company making it simple to separate those in trouble from those getting it right. You will be surprised at some of the established names that have fallen into trouble in their latest trading period.

Plimsoll Method

The Plimsoll Analysis is continuously updated to reveal each company’s current key strengths, what issues are developing within each business and how they have performed in each of the last 4 years. As a result of this analysis, Plimsoll is then able to provide a rating of Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings expose the truth behind company performance in your market.

To find out more about the services Water Hygiene Services offer please click here. Services range from Legionella Control, Monitoring and PPM, Mains Chlorinations, Legionella Risk Assessments, Tank Reline and Tank Refurbishments, water sampling and more.  

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