Legionella Monitoring

legionella monitoringLegionella Monitoring

Legionella Monitoring should be administered by an accredited and approved service provider. Therefore when you hire a company to complete your legionella monitoring works, always clarify their background and qualifications in accordance with the standard Government requirements.

Health and Safety Executive Advice

Health and Safety Executive states that ‘as an employer, or a person in control of the premises, you are responsible for health and safety and need to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of exposure to legionella’ they go on the define the conditions and what those in charge must do ‘identify and assess sources of risk, manage any risks, prevent or control any risks, keep and maintain the correct records and carry out any other duties you may have’.

What is involved?legionella monitoring

Where monitoring for legionella is considered appropriate, the sampling method should be carried out in accordance with BS7592 and the biocide, if used, neutralised where possible.

Water Samples

Water samples should be tested by a UKAS-accredited laboratory that takes part in a water microbiology proficiency testing scheme such as that run by Public Health England. There are set processes in place the accredited service provider must adhere to when completing the legionella monitoring. Water Hygiene Services carries out a range of monitoring tasks, some of which include; the weekly flushing of infrequently used outlets, monthly temperature test results of representative outlets, quarterly descaling of shower heads and spray taps, annual inspection of calorifiers and 24 monthly legionella risk assessment review.

Legionella Monitoring Works

When you begin your Legionella Monitoring works a water hygiene surveyor should visit the site at regular intervals, to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum. legionella monitoringNext Steps The most important aspect of Legionella Monitoring is acknowledging that the process needs to happen. Once you understand that this testing needs to be carried out the next steps you take depend on the type of business you manage and your resources.


Water Hygiene Services Legionella Monitoring Services

We recommend our Legionella Monitoring service for several reasons, the main being that there is the risk of exposure to Legionella in any workplace where a man-made water system is place, therefore any risk, whether small or large needs addressing to protect those who work there.

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