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Stay compliant with our legionella monitoring services.

If you’re looking for legionella monitoring, a legionella risk assessment or legionella training services we offer a comprehensive package to help your business comply with the latest legislation.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by legionella bacteria infecting your lungs. Low, harmless quantities of the bacteria are usually found in water such as lakes, ponds and rivers. The problems arise if the bacteria multiply and find their way into artificial water supplies. The classic case being air conditioning systems. However, it has been found in showers, sprinkler systems and spas.

Cases of Legionnaires’ disease are most often reported in large buildings. These include hotels, hospitals and office blocks. Legionella bacteria can spread easily through a combination of a water temperature of between 20-45C and impurities in the water. Water impurities include rust, algae or limescale.

Understand your Compliance Obligations

Do you know the obligations your business has when it comes to legionella monitoring? Water Hygiene Services in Leeds offers businesses a complete legionella monitoring package to keep your business risk-free and compliant. The services include a risk assessment for legionella, the design of legionella monitoring tailored for your business and other legionella assessment services.

What do our clients say?

Experts in safety Arco said they found us “a pleasure to work with” and Staffordshire Housing Group said that their remedial action was “completed to the highest standard”.
Clothing retailers Superdry said: “We hired WHS to complete our Legionella risk assessments throughout our UK portfolio. The price was right and the job was carried out quickly while maintaining good communication.”

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