Should I Reline a Cold Water Storage Tank?

In the current climate of recycling and reusing, it makes sense to explore all avenues when considering a cold water tank replacement. Tank Relining and tank refurbishment is a great option, if not on some occasions a better option than replacing a water tank altogether.

Why Repair or Replace a Water Tank?

Water Tanks sometimes come to the end of their lifespan quicker than others. This could be for a variety of reasons but here are some signs that a cold-water storage tank might need replacing;

  • Corrosion
  • Location
  • Structural failure
  • Leaking

Tank Location

Some old cold water storage tanks are located in hard to reach areas such as loft spaces. This means if a client is interested in a full replacement, extracting the tank could be difficult. Our team of highly skilled engineers are able to deconstruct tanks and remove them piece by piece. However, in this scenario it might be a better idea to conduct a tank reline.

Tank Refurbishment and Tank Relining is Cost Effective

Cold water tank refurbishment can be cost-effective. The price of a replacement might be very high, therefore we highly recommend to our clients that they explore Tank Relining first.

Tank Corrosion

If the water storage tank is corroded, Water Hygiene Services suggest the first step is to explore a tank reline. Tank Relining means that we simply repair and reline the old water tank using specialist paint.

WRAS Approved Polyurethane

The coating Water Hygiene Services uses is a durable, chemical resistant and a WRAS approved product.

For more information on our Tank Reline and Tank Refurbishment services please contact a member of the team today on 0113 267 9785.