Dangers of Legionnaires’ disease from hot tubs revealed as sales increase during lockdown

Dangers of Legionnaires’ Disease Found in Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have become so popular during lockdown as more people are forced to spend time at home and in their garden. I’m sure you know at least one person who purchased a lockdown hot tub.

Seen as a popular way to relax with family and friends, especially on a warm summer evening means sales have recently sky-rocketed.

eBay reports hot tub orders rose by 1,080% in April, and 276% year-on-year from 22 March to 6 June.

Google Searches

Searches for hot tubs on Google have also increased drastically over the past three months, since the UK has been in lockdown.

Hidden Danger

However, there is a hidden danger  that many people who are purchasing hot tubs do not always realise and that is water safety and the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

Dangers of Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionella bacteria can cause a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease, which is contracted by inhaling water droplets.

The combination of warm weather and stagnant water creates the perfect environment for Legionella bacteria to develop.

Why is a hot tub a potential danger?

The legionella bacteria can live in hot tubs, spa baths and even garden hoses.

Kevin Wellman, CEO of the CIPHE commented, “While all man-made hot and cold water systems can provide an environment ripe for the Legionella bacteria to multiply, not everyone realises it can also thrive in places such as hot tubs, whirlpool baths, compost heaps and even garden hoses. The growing popularity in hot tubs means that many more families now have a potential source of an outbreak within their own gardens.”

Figures from Public Health England show a seasonal rise in cases from June to October.

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Legionella Risk

Dangers of Legionnaires' Disease from Hot tubs




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