Water Monitoring, Inspection and Control Schemes

Why do I need a Monitoring and Inspection Programme?

Water Hygiene Services conduct thousands of Monitoring and Inspection programmes across the UK every year. This is one of the most important services we offer. This is because by establishing a regular and thorough Monitoring and Inspection Programme, our clients ensure they are fully compliant and are adhering to current health and safety regulations in addition to ACOP L9 guidelines.

What is involved in a Monitoring and Inspection programme?

Our Monitoring and Inspection Programmes commence as soon as we make contact with our client. We begin by reviewing the current Legionella risk assessment which is in place and all records relating to the pre-existing water system.

We work with our clients to devise a Control Scheme. We identify the risks, if any, and advise clients on the methods required for managing the risks.

Monitoring Control Schemes

A Monitoring Control Scheme is a written scheme of control for Legionella. It is a comprehensive Legionella risk management document that overtly identifies measures required to control the risks from exposure to Legionella bacteria. It also advises how these measures are to be implemented and managed. This is to ensure that control over water systems is achieved and remains effective.

The Control Scheme should describe:

• Who is responsible for carrying out the assessment and managing its implementation
• The system in place, including an up-to-date plan or schematic diagrams
• The safe and correct operation of the system
• Which control methods and other precautions are to be used
• The checks to be carried out on the control scheme and how regularly

The Control Scheme should;

• Keep the system and the water clean
• Ensure that the release of water spray is properly controlled
• Avoid water temperatures and conditions that favour the growth of legionella bacteria
• Ensure water cannot stagnate anywhere in the system. This is achieved by keeping pipe lengths as short as possible
• Treat water to either remove Legionella bacteria (and other micro-organisms) or limit their ability to grow

Why choose Water Hygiene Services for Monitoring and Inspection Programmes?

Water Hygiene Services is a member of the Legionella Control Association; therefore you can be assured by the quality of our work and professional approach.

Water Hygiene Services is the leading independent provider of specialist services relating to monitoring the safety of water systems. Our team of Engineers are highly trained when working with the risk from exposure to Legionella bacteria.

We work with a range of clients including public and private facilities. We often remove the pressure from our clients by taking full control of the operational management of Legionella control. Our presence on site provides reassurance that clients are meeting the legal requirements and maintaining safe water for all.

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