Water Sampling (UKAS)

Water Sampling

Water Hygiene Services offers a UKAS accredited analysis of water samples in laboratory conditions. The growth of legionella bacteria can occur in many different conditions and circumstances, and if you think you have a water system that could attract the growth of legionella then we can help you identify this and work out an action plan to control it.

Our analysis can identify pathogens such as legionella spp but also potability and indicator organisms such as coliforms/E-Coil, TVCs and Pseudomonas.

Aside from the accuracy of industrial water sampling, the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) insists that any laboratory testing of drinking water supplies for both private and public water supplies, is done on premises that meet regulatory requirements.
So water has to be tested by laboratories that have in place a system of analytical control that are checked by an approved body. In England and Wales this body is UKAS. Our laboratory at Water Hygiene Services is UKAS accredited and has undergone regular audits to firstly achieve that standard and subsequently to maintain it.

As a customer you can expect the very highest quality of water sampling, with the full range of analytical testing carried out, and we can then provide a full results service with all trace-ability and testing standards explained where necessary. Therefore please contact Water Hygiene Services today and we can assess your requirements, speak to you about the range of services and testing we offer, and build a sampling programme that covers your legal responsibilities and your duty of care as an employer.

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    Very happy with their very high standard of work Water Hygiene Services have been carrying out legionella risk assessments for us for a couple of years now. We have been very happy with their very high standard of work, their ability to work to tight deadlines and the general professional service they provide

    Richard Waudby
    Engineering Surveyor, NPS Humber Ltd