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Water Sampling

Water Hygiene Services Ltd is a leading water treatment service provider that looks after necessary water sampling and testing for various clients, including the healthcare sector—using our UKAS-accredited laboratory partners, the analysis of water samples takes place in laboratory conditions.

Our detailed UKAS-accredited laboratory analysis identifies pathogens such as legionella spp but also potability and indicator organisms such as coliforms/E-Coil, TVCs, and Pseudomonas.

Aside from the accuracy of industrial water sampling, the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) insists that any laboratory testing of drinking water supplies for both private and public water supplies is done on premises that meet regulatory requirements.

UKAS-Accredited Laboratory

Therefore Water Hygiene Services Ltd water samples are always tested in UKAS-accredited laboratories with strict analytical control and are checked by an approved body.

In England and Wales, this body is UKAS. So the third-party laboratory we use at Water Hygiene Services is UKAS-accredited and has undergone regular audits first to achieve that standard and subsequently to maintain it. Full details of the third-party laboratory can be provided if necessary.

As a customer, you can expect the highest quality of water sampling, with the full range of analytical testing. We can then provide a full results service with all traceability and testing standards explained where necessary. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact Water Hygiene Services Ltd today. We can assess your requirements, speak to you about the range of services and testing we offer, and build a sampling programme that covers your legal responsibilities and duty of care as an employer.

Facts about mains water for consumption 

Have you considered if the water you drink from your tap is safe to consume?

Did you know

  • In the UK, our mains water is safe to drink, but it is often not bacteria-free.
  • UK Water companies have to make sure that the water they provide is of high quality, which means removing bacteria that could be harmful.
  • This means other bacteria which have no impact on health may remain in the water.
  • Although these bacteria won’t cause illness, high levels of non-harmful bacteria can become troublesome should they start to breed.

Types of microbiological testing

There is a range of testing options available, which we have explained below. Please get in touch with us for further specialist advice.

General water testing

The water is tested at 30°C to detect pathogenic and environmental bacteria. This general measure of water quality will also provide a TVC number. A low result means a low level of bacteria in the water. Higher marks in the region of 10,000 colony-forming units (CFUs) per millilitre of water indicate that there may be an issue with biofilm contamination.

Drinking Water Analysis

Water samples should are tested to ensure a business’s drinking water is free from illness-causing bacteria. These drinking water tests analyse the number of bacteria that are present and liable to grow. This is the Total Viable Count or TVC. The water is tested at both 22 and 37 degrees Centigrade. The lower temperature shows the levels of bacteria which can grow at average room temperature. The higher temperature is equivalent to human body heat and will detect bacteria such as coliforms which can grow at body temperature.

Legionella testing

The Health and Safety Executive in the ACOP L8 and HSG274 documents set clear protocols for testing and detecting Legionella in water systems. Under certain circumstances, for example, if a business has cooling towers or spa pools, there’s a legal requirement to take water samples from these to test for the presence of Legionella bacteria.

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      Very happy with their very high standard of work Water Hygiene Services have been carrying out legionella risk assessments for us for a couple of years now. We have been very happy with their very high standard of work, their ability to work to tight deadlines and the general professional service they provide

      Richard Waudby
      Engineering Surveyor, NPS Humber Ltd
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