How to Manage Water Safety When Lockdown Ends

How to manage water systems when lockdown ends

Minimum Water Hygiene standards

Adhering to the Government’s advice on safe distancing and the closure of many businesses is extremely important, however, it is important to acknowledge that some water systems fall into a critical systems list and should be continually maintained throughout lockdown.

Critical systems building include

· Hospitals

· Care homes

· Doctors surgeries

· Some schools

Water Hygiene Services work with many clients who are considered critical systems, therefore we are continuing urgent monitoring, whilst continually adhering to safe distancing guidelines.

Management of hot and cold water systems during COVID 19 lockdown

Hot and cold-water distribution systems within buildings that are either empty or not should be managed accordingly to mitigate stagnation and associated contamination with waterborne bacteria:

There are many ways these water systems can be managed including

  • Reducing the volume of water stored – Additional flushing of outlets throughout the building in order to simulate occupation of the building
  • Consider the use of point of use filters as a short-term control during this time
  • Monitoring of water system temperatures
  • Avoid draining tanks or pipework during inactivity

Urgent water safety work to complete when lockdown ends

It is important our clients understand that buildings or water system should not be put back to immediate use following the COVID-19 lockdown.

The reasons why buildings and hot and cold water systems cannot revert back to immediate usage is because the water has been stagnant for a long period of time, therefore the exposure of legionella is high. In addition to legionella, there is also a greater risk of other waterborne pathogens.

We advise our clients to put together a recommissioning plan which Water Hygiene Services can help with. The following is a sample guide:

· Evaporative cooling systems – existing procedures should exist for starting up and shutting down – these will need to be followed.

· Simple water systems [mains fed with instantaneous / point of use water heaters] flushed through with mains water

· Larger water systems, such as cold water tanks and hot water generators should be cleaned, disinfected with the systems flushed.

· System clean and disinfection to be completed in accordance with BS PD 855468-2015 guide to flushing and disinfection of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings.

· Recommissioned systems need to be sampled 2-7 days post disinfection and legionella sampling to be completed.

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Water Hygiene Services is a member of the Legionella Control Association and continually follows strict guidelines and measures in place.


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