It's our 10 Year Anniversary

ater Hygiene Service’s 10th Birthday on Wednesday 27th July we took some time out to reflect on how far the business has come in the past ten years. It’s safe to conclude we have come a mighty long way. Here are 10 highlights for our 10th year:

  1. We began the business on a dining room table in 2006. Ben, the owner of the company used to work part-time in a restaurant in the evenings whilst trying to get the business off the ground.
  2. We took on our first full-time employee on in 2008, especially doubling the workforce!
  3. We continued to grow throughout the recession, rather than scale back.
  4. We were accredited with the LCA in 2008.
  5. We’ve organically grown and not taken on any loans or debts.
  6. We moved into new offices in Bramhope, Leeds in 2013 and we are certainly ready for bigger premises.
  7. We service a high number of clients throughout the UK.
  8. We have always held a policy of training and promoting people from within. When we do employ external staff we are not afraid to recruit those from outside the industry or unskilled workers. We train staff from a ground level to the very top. Anyone can make it in the company with right can-do attitude.
  9. We give a monthly financial sum to a local animal charity; Hope Pastures in Weetwood, Leeds.
  10. Ten years on we have in excess of 20 directly employed staff, plus a number of approved contractors and a turnover fast approaching £1 million per annum.
We are thrilled to have made the past 10 years successful, and look forward to making the next 10 even more successful.]]>