10% off your first Pre-commission Clean*

services on offer and continue too adapt and add to them when necessary for our customers. Our recent analysis on Pre-commission Cleaning means that we are now able to offer this as a brand-new service to our clients. 10% off We are also very excited to offer our valued and loyal customers 10% off their first Pre-commission Clean.* Pre-commission Cleaning Pre-commission Cleaning  Pre-commission cleaning is the procedure of bringing the water system to a suitable condition for commissioning and regular maintenance of water. System contaminants such as debris is often found in new heating and cooling pipework systems. If these materials are left and are permitted to build up over time they will make the system prone to blockages. These blockages usually begin at strainers, control valves and small-bore heat exchangers. Once this happens it is very likely that additional corrosion of the pipes will start and this will eventually encourage the growth of micro-organisms such as Legionella. Does My Water System Require a Pre-commission Clean? There are many different reasons why your water system might need a pre-commission clean. It could be that you have recently installed a new heating or chilled closed water system? You might have added a large-scale extension or made alterations to the water system. You might conduct regular water sampling and may need advice on results. A very obvious way to know your water system requires a Pre-commission Clean is if there has been a decline in water quality (e.g. increased iron levels). Pre-commission Cleaning If any of the following apply to you please contact a member of the team today to discuss a Pre-commission Clean. *Offer only available when using the code PCC0717. Offer valid until 31st October 2017.]]>